Authentic, Non-Firing Replicas of Flintlock Rifles
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1807 French Flintlock Rifle Replica
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#22-1080G - 1807 French Flintlock Rifle
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Powder Horn
#30-100 - Made from a real steer horn, wooden stopper, leather shoulder strap.
This replica of the 1807 French flintlock rifle has ornate engraving throughout the woodwork, furniture and butt plate.  44.5" long. A must-have for Napoleonic War collectors! 44.5" long.
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Shipping to California or Kansas?  Please see below before ordering!
Powder Horn made from real steer horn, removable wooden stopper, 10 inches long, sold with gun purchase only
Background image: "The French Campaign", painting by Jean-Louis_Ernest Meissonier
1807 French Flintlock Non-Firing Replica Rifle
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