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1825 Italian Percussion
Cap Pistol Replica
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This museum-quality metal and wood replica is also a cap gun!  It uses standard "pull-off" ring or strip caps (not included) that are less expensive and easier to find than blank ammo, but provide the "bang" that lends realism to your theatrical or historic event.  This cap gun is not a toy.  It should be fired with the arm fully extended (which is also historically correct for a dueling pistol such as the one on which this replica is based).

The original 1825 Italian percussion dueling pistols were manufactured in Brescia, an Italian gun manufacturing center renowned for elegant, beautifully decorated dueling pistols. 
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1825 Italian Dueling Pistol cap-pistol replica, grey finish hardware
Cap-Firing Replica!
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Ring Caps for Cap-Gun Replicas
Manufactured in Spain to work best with our Gonher cap pistol replicas. Loudness similar to a hand-clap. 12-pack of 8-shot rings. #46-9608.
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