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1849 Dragoon Replica Pistol

1849 Navy Dragoon Replica Pistol
#22-1055 Antiqued silver, wood grip
Plus shipping
This massive, .44 caliber revolver was originally manufactured in 1848 by Eli Whitney. It was an improvement on the Walker models, and another step in the evolution toward Colt's Navy and Army models, and the later Old West models. 13.5" long overall, this metal replica has an antiqued silver finish with polished real wood grips, and weighs in at 3.5 lbs. for authentic heft and feel.  The cylinder is engraved with a cavalry officer on horseback and marked "Model U.S.N." (oddly, both Army and Navy model Dragoons had the cavalry scene on the cylinder)
Authentic Replica Gun Classics - Non-Firing and  Blank-Firing
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