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M1850 Union Staff & Field Officer Saber
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This beautiful saber is a faithful reproduction of the actual M1850 U.S. Saber.  The hand-forged blade is British military spec steel that will flex over 20 inches and return to true.  The leather handle is wire-wrapped.  The brass guard features hand-chased foliage with "U.S." between the branches.  The blade is richly etched with foliage, military trophies, "U.S.", "E Pluribus Unum" and "Iron Proof".

During the years before the war, many prominent Confederate officers--including Robert E. Lee--carried this sword in the Indian campaigns.  Brass pommel. The scabbard is blue steel, the blade is 30" long, and the overall length is 35".  Sold with unsharpened factory edge. #500124.
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M1850 U.S. Staff & Field Officer Saber, steel scabbard,  brass fittings.
Closeup of the hilt of 1850 U.S. Staff and Field Officer Replica Saber
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