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1851 Engraved Navy Revolvers
These fancy engraved Navy revolvers--based on the military-issue 1851 Navy, which saw service through the end of the Civil War-- were presentation pieces given to high ranking military officers and government officials as gifts. Our non-firing replicas provide a dramatic illustration of the talents of the factory engravers in that period.  The nickel and ivory model is very similar to the pair presented to Wild Bill Hickok in recognition of his service as a scout for the Union Army, and were his favorite sidearms.  Read an article about Wild Bill  Hickok.
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1851 Navy engraved pistol, dark nickel and brass, wood grips.
1851 Navy, engraved nickel finish with simulated ivory grips
#22-1040B - nickel finish engraved plating on barrel and cylinder, gold finish trigger guard and backstrap, simulated checkered ivory grip, engraved with the American Eagle.
State of the Gunmaker's Art
Engraved Nickel Finish, simulated ivory grips, #22-1040B.
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#22-1040L - Elaborately engraved antiqued nickel with brass cylinder,backstrap and loading lever, real wood grips.
Engraved brass and nickel finish, Wood Grips, #22-1040L
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1851 Navy revolver, nickel with
Engraved Nickel Finish, simulated pearl grips, #22-6040.
NEW! #22-6040 - nickel finish engraved plating on barrel and cylinder,nickel trigger guard and backstrap, and lustrous smooth simulated pearl grips.
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