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1851 Engraved Navy Revolvers
1851 Navy engraved  revolver, pewter and brass, wood grips
State of the Gunmaker's Art
HISTORY: These fancy engraved Navy revolvers--based on the military-issue 1851 Navy--were presentation pieces given to high ranking military officers and government officials. Our non-firing replicas provide a dramatic illustration of the talents of the factory engravers of that period. Wild Bill Hickok's favorite pistols were a matched pair of silver plated, engraved 1851 Navy revolvers, with ivory grips, similar to the one above, presented to him by a Senator in recognition of his service as a Union Army scout during the Civil War.
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1851 Navy engraved  revolver, nickel  simulated ivory grip
#22-1040B - Engraved nickel plating on barrel and cylinder, gold-like plating on trigger guard, textured simulated ivory grip engraved with the American Eagle.
See below for a framed set featuring this 1851 Engraved Navy Replica
Wild Bill Hickock Framed display of 1851 Engraved Navy Revolver
#27-335 -- Wild Bill Hickock Framed Set
Featuring the 1851 Engraved Navy Revolver
This handsome framed set features a non-firing replica of an engraved 1851 Navy revolver that is very similar to the famous pair he carried for many years.  Test the working loading and firing mechanisms of this fine replica yourself--it's mounted with our spring-loaded bullet hangers which allow it to be easily removed from and replaced on the frame.  We've added a vintage photo of Wild Bill taken in 1873, and a U.S. Army hat pin to commemorate his service as a scout for the Union army during the Civil War and  afterward on the western frontier.  A brass identification plate completes the set.

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7-3/8" Barrels, 13-1/2" overall
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#22-1040L - Elaborately engraved antiqued nickel with brass cylinder,backstrap and loading lever, real wood grip. .
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