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1860 Army Cap & Ball Revolvers
The favorite side-arm of cavalry, infantry and artillery troops in the Civil War, the 1860 Army is a classic piece of American gun history, and a must-have for any Civil War buff or  memorabilia collector!  This authentic replica has all the handling characteristics of the original, with fully functional loading lever, cylinder, hammer and trigger. 7-3/4" barrel, 14-5/8" long overall, this real metal and wood replica has the weight and heft of an original at  2.5 pounds!
First carried by Union Troops,  the 1860 Army model was copied by Southern Armorers for use by Confederate troops!
Civil War instrument quality replica bugles in copper and brass
Instrument quality!

Confederate Infantry Officer's Sword
SNA16 C.S.A. Infantry Officer's Sword
1860 Army Revolver in  gunmetal gray finish, wood grips
#22-1007G - Gunmetal Gray/, Wood Grips
HISTORY: Although the 1860 Army used the same frame as the famed 1851 Navy revolver, it had an altered cylinder that accepted the Union Army's paper and linen cartridges consisting of round or conical lead balls, a 30-grain charge of black powder, and a percussion "cap" of   fulminate of mercury, which exploded upon impact--hence the term "percussion" revolver.  The paper or linen "wrapping" around the load was burned away by the detonation of the cap. The M-1860 was accurate to about 100 yards, and with its 6-shot revolving cylinder, was used to deadly effect during the War Between the States.  The military model had screw lugs on the side of the frame for mounting a detachable shoulder stock.

The Union Army purchased around 130,000 of these revolvers, and the ever-resourceful Southern armorers were quick to copy the design and produce the weapon for Confederate troops--which is how the M1860 came to be the most-used sidearm by BOTH sides in the conflict. 
1860 Army Cap & Ball Revolver, black barrel, brass backstrap, wood grips
#22-1007L - Black with Brass, Wood Grips
1860 Army Revolver, cocked to fire
Working single action - shown with pistol cocked to fire.  At half cock, the cylinder will turn freely. The under-barrel loading lever also works! Click the photo for a larger image.
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Most-Used Sidearm in the Civil War!

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Sturdy black leather, left & right hip draws, fit our replicas and many other similar revolvers. -- 1860 Army  Civil War Revolver Replicas
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