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1860 Repeating Rifle Replica
It was said that a single man with a one of these repeaters was equivalent to fifteen men with regular weapons of the era.  B. Tyler Henry's lever-action rifle with the octagonal barrel was the first true repeating rifle, designed to fire the first, self-contained, metal-jacketed cartridges--also invented by Henry.

The innovative rifle received a cool reception from the military, however.  Its .44 caliber cartridge was comparable in firepower and velocity to the military pistols of the day, but not considered powerful enough for a military rifle or for buffalo hunting. Despite lacking the official sanction of the military, it was still carried during the Civil War. This legendary rifle was the precursor to other classic rifles produced in the late 1800s.

Our historically authentic, non-firing replica is made of metal and wood, and has the heft, weight and mechanical functions of the original!
1860 Repeating Rifle Replica with Octagonal Barrel, brass finish with black barrel - First true repeating rifle, invented by B. Tyler Henry
#22-1030L - Black Barrel /Brass Receiver
Get Your Hands On A Legend!
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