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HISTORY: Following the Civil War, the New Haven Arms Company--manufacturer of the legendary repeating rifle invented by B. Tyler Henry--was renamed Winchester, and created the first Model 1866. 

Developed from the B. Tyler Henry's popular repeating rifle, the Model 1866 was famous for rugged construction and a lever-action breech mechanism that allowed a rifleman to fire several shots before having to reload.  The first Model 1866 was nicknamed "Yellow Boy" because of its 'brass' receiver, which was actually made of a bronze alloy called "gunmetal".

Initially the 1866 was only able to accept .44 caliber rimfire cartridges, but the modern center fire cartridges were later added to the production line. The tubular magazine is located beneath the barrel.

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1866 Lever Action Rifle, Pewter receiver with blued barrel, real wood stock
Close-up detail of 1866 Lever-action rifle, blued barrel, brass receiver, wood stock and foregrip.
Rifle Information
Product  #22-1140L
Finish: Blued barrel, brass trim
Shipping weight: 8 pounds
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Now you can own this flawless, non-firing replica of the famous brand, original lever action, repeating rifle!  Our deluxe edition replica features a blued barrel and brass trim .  Picture this handsome and historic rifle on the wall rack in your den, then click the "Add to Cart" button and make it yours!
Lever-Action Repeating Rifle, Brass Finish

M1866 Lever-Action Carbines
The Classic M1866, Grey Finish
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If you're a "back to basics" kind of guy who likes to keep things simple, here's the basic gunmetal grey finish M1866.  Add it to your collection today!
1866 lever action rifler eplica  in nickel  finish
Close-up view of 1866 lever-action rifle receiver in nickel finish
1866 Lever Action - Gleaming Nickel Finish!

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The same quality wood and metal construction, with working  mechanical parts, in a gleaming bright nickel finish.
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Please note we cannot ship these replicas to
UK or Canada, due to their gun laws.
Please note we cannot ship these replicas to
UK or Canada, due to their gun laws.