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Frontier Six-Shooter
1873 SAA .45 Frontier Revolver Replica
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1873 SAA Revolver, nickel finish, faux ivory grips
Nickel finish barrel, cylinder and frame,  faux ivory grips.
Pistol Information
Product  #22-1150N
  Finish: Nickel,
   cylinder and frame,
   faux ivory grips
Frontier Model (5.5" barrel)
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Questions? Call or Text:
479-276-0434, Or Email: -- 1873 SAA Six-Shooter - Fires Caps!
"Dummy" Bullets and Caps for Cap-Gun Replicas
To fire caps, load your replica revolver with these "dummy" bullets, and insert a cap "dot" into the indentation on the bottom of the bullet, then cock the hammer and pull the trigger to "fire."
Manufactured in Spain to work best with our Gonher cap pistol replicas. Loudness similar to a hand-clap. 24 caps included. #22-49.
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