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1873 .45 'Lone Star' Commemorative Revolver
.45 Single Action Army Lone Star Texas Ranger Commemorative revolver, pewter finish with wood grip

Our non-firing replica is a 'quick-draw' model with the 4.75" barrel. It has fully functioning mechanical parts.  You can spin the cylinder, cock the hammer, pull the trigger--even load replica shells into the cylinder--everything but the "bang"!  No collection of western firearms is complete without the legendary .45 'Six Shooter'. This handsome "Lone Star" model was produced especially for the Texas Rangers, which only adds to its mythic status as a symbol of frontier justice.  Make it yours today!
Frontier Six-Shooter
Since the Single Action Army Revolver was introduced and adopted as an American military sidearm at the same time the 'Wild West' was being settled, the two became forever linked in legend and history.  The 6-shot, SAA .45  was often referred to  as a "Six Shooter".

"The Equalizer" was another nickname the .45 soon acquired.  Aside from being a superior weapon in technology and firepower, the Model 1873 .45 was simply a lot easier to shoot--and that made it a more accessible weapon to a lot more potential users than the powder and ball or cap and ball percussion pistols.  It was the .45's greater ease of use that prompted the saying, "God made men, but Samuel Colt made them equal."

Pistol Information
Product  #22-1038
4.75" barrel, 10.5" overall
Antiqued gunmetal gray
Wood grip with 'Lone Star' emblem
Weight: 2 lbs.

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