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1873 Single Action Army  .45 Revolver
Fires Caps!
Since the  .45 caliber "six shooter" is such a significant part of Old West history, we offer our 1873 SAA "fast draw" cap-firing replica in your choice of four different finishes. These non-firing replicas have fully functioning mechanical parts, and fire caps.  Load  replica shells in the chambers (see below) to fire caps for a realistic Old West "shooting" experience!
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1886 Colt .45 Peacemaker, Grey, Wood Grips
#22-1186G - Pewter with Wood Grips -
Plus shipping
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1886 Colt .45 Peacemaker,black, wood grips
#22-1186B - Black
with Wood Grips -
Plus shipping
1886 Colt .45 Peacemaker, bright nickel finish, wood grip
#22-1186N - Nickel
with Wood Grips -
+ shipping
"Dummy" Bullets and Caps for Cap-Gun Replicas
Manufactured in Spain to work best with our Gonher cap pistol replicas. Loudness similar to a hand-clap. 24 caps included. #22-49.
Plus Shipping
To fire caps, load your replica revolver with these "dummy" bullets, and insert a cap "dot" into the indentation on the bottom of the bullet, then cock the hammer and pull the trigger to "fire."
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1873 SAA Fast Draw, blued with mock ivory grips.
#22-8186 - Blued
with Mock Ivory Grips -
+ shipping