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Since the Single Action Army Revolver was introduced at the same time the 'Wild West' was being settled, the two became forever linked in legend and history.  The .45 Army was quickly dubbed "the Frontier Six Shooter" and "the Equalizer."  It was the .45 that prompted the saying, "God made men, but Samuel Colt made them equal."

Most .45s were produced for the army, but civilian versions were often beautifully engraved by the factory's artisans.  Our non-firing reproduction replicates a gold-plated, engraved model, with wood grips.  It has a functional lock mechanism, revolving cylinder and a working ejector system. 
No collection of western firearms is complete without this legendary .45 Army revolver, and our non-firing replica of this engraved beauty is a particularly handsome example of the gunmaker's art.  Make it yours today !
HISTORY: The .45 Army replaced the 1860 Army percussion revolver as the primary side arm for the U.S. Military, until it was replaced by the double-action, enclosed frame re-volver in 1892. The 1860 model Army revolver continued to be manufactured and offered for the civilian and foreign military markets in various calibers, including a .44-40 version in 1878 that was designed to chamber ammo compatible with the Model 1873 rifle.   However the long .45 round continued to be the most common in use.

The .45 was certified for use with smokeless powder in 1900, and except for some changes in the configuration of the front sights, remained un-changed until the factory ceased to manufacture it at the beginning of World War II.
Frontier Six-Shooter
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1873 Army .45 Engraved Revolver
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1873 SAA with simulated gold-plate engraving, wood grips and 4.75 inch fast-draw style barrel.
#22-1280L - Simulated Gold plating with engraving and Wood Grips
Pistol Information
Product  #22-1280L
Finish: Blued barrel & cylinder,
   simulated gold plated  
  engraving, wood grips
Fast-draw Model (4-3/4 inch barrel)
+ shipping