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One of the most popular and famous firearms rifles ever produced, the 1873 Model became such a common sight throughout the American West, that it was called "The gun that won the west", a title it shared with a certain famous .45 caliber "six-shooter" revolver.

The Model 1873 owed its popularity to a stronger steel frame that was able to accept the new, more powerful center-fire metal cartridges.  Originally configured to accept .44-40 rounds, later models of the 1873 chambered .38-40s and .32-20s, three cartridges widely used in popular handguns of the day. This allowed a cowboy to carry two weapons that used the same centerfire ammo--a major consideration for a man carrying all his worldly goods in his saddlebags.
1873 Lever-action Rifle Replica,  engraved brass receiver
1873 Winchester Brass
Lever-Action Repeating Rifle

1873 Winchester Rifle Replica,
Engraved Silver-Grey Finish
Our deluxe, non-firing replicas of the Model 1873 come in two finishes: the Brass Finish features a blued barrel and engraved brass receiver. The Silver-Grey Finish has the same ornamental engraving. Both are made of metal and wood, so they have the weight and heft of the real thing, and working mechanical parts that clearly demonstrate the 1873's famous lever-action loading system.  This beautiful replica is a great piece to dispay on the wall of your home or office.

Model 1873 Lever-Action Replica Rifles
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Closeup detail of 1873 Winchester, gray finish, engraved/
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1873 Winchester lever action rifle, grey finish, engraved.

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The Cowboy's Favorite