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1892 Lever-Action Carbine Replica
Classic Original Model 
Get Your Hands On A Legend!
HISTORY: The M1892 rifle, descendant of the 1866 model, was originally designed to fire .44 and .32 handgun rounds. The 1892 Carbine was a smaller, lighter and quicker-handling version of the 1866 model that has been a favorite of hunters for more than a century. 

The 1892 Model was made from 1892 until 1941.  More than a million were made, in all.  Many calibers and variations were introduced during the 50 years it was produced, but the basic design was largely unaltered.  Many are still in use today--a testimony to its reliability and longevity.
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#22-1068G - Antiqued Silver Finish
Replica Old West Rifles
1892 Lever-Action Carbine, gunmetal gray finish
This quality non-firing replica has the weight and heft of the original, with a working lever and trigger mechanism. Gunmetal grey finish with hardwood stock and barrel cladding. 19 inch barrel. 37-1/8 inch overall length.
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