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1892 Lever-Action Carbine Replica
As Seen in 'El Dorado' and other John Wayne movies
1892 Winchester Lever-Action John Wayne Carbine Replica
John Wayne's favorite movie rifle!
#22-1069L - The Cowboy Model
Get Your Hands On A Legend!
Made for fifty years (1892 to 1941), the 1892 Carbine is one of the most popular rifles ever made!  Its lighter weight and quick action made it as popular with TV and movie cowboys as it was with hunters.  The 1892 was used in many westerns--even though most of them were set in a time before this model was actually made.

John Wayne was so partial to the 1892 that he used it in 'El Dorado', 'Sons of Katie Elder' and dozens of other movies.  This commemorative model, emblazoned with his initials in brass,  celebrates his devotion to the 1892 Carbine.  Now you can own this faithful reproduction of his rifle.  Feel the heft and test the famed lever action.  Our replica is made of metal and wood.  It doesn't fire, but all the mechanical parts work!
Rifle Information
Product  #22-1069L
Finish: Blued barrel, brass trim
Size: 19" barrel, 37-1/8" overall length
Was $200.00
Plus shipping
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