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1894 8mm Blank-Firing
Lever Action Rifle
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Copyright 2008-2023  4G Company dba -- 1874 Lever Action, 8mm Blank-Fire Rifle
These famous rifles produced from 1873 through 1894 and beyond, are generally credited as being the "Guns that Won the West." Our replica of this Old West legend is the next best thing to having the real thing! Customers who have bought this model tell us that the lever action on this blank firing replica is smoother than the original!

This Model 1894 Lever Action Western Rifle fires the extra-loud 8mm blanks. It features superb Italian craftsmanship using European hardwoods and 55 precision machined metal, hand-assembled parts. 36" in length with a 17" barrel and black finish, it weighs just 2.75 pounds. It looks, feels, and acts like an expensive original. Load ten 8mm blank cartridges into the loading window, cock the lever action to load a blank round, and fire. Cock again, eject the spent shell, and fire away. This replica can be disassembled by a qualified gunsmith and is ideal as a theatrical, reenactment or movie prop. It can also be used for firearms training. It cannot fire real ammunition, and is approved by the BATF as a Blank Firing Replica rifle.
* You must be 18 years old to purchase this product and 21 to accept delivery. This product comes with basic eye and hearing protection. Please read the safety guidelines prior to use.

1894 Lever Action Blank-Fire Rifle, blued black finish,  hardwood stock
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