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Luger P08 Parabellum Pistol Replica
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Afrikacorps Hardshell Luger Holster
Afrikacorps Hardshell P08 Holster - Non-Firing Replica WWI & WWII Firearms
World War I & II
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Luger :P08 pistol, black, with black checkered grips
#22-1143 - Black, Textured Black Grips
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The Luger P08 Parabellum 1908 is one of the most widely recognized pistols in the world. Designed by George Luger, it was issued to Paratroopers and German Officers during World War I and the early stages of World War II.

The P08 was prized as a  war trophy by Allied troops in both World Wars.  Thousands of them were captured and brought home, and are still in circulation.  The P08 is also highly prized by collectors of war memorabilia for its connection to both Imperial and Nazi Germany.  Add this non-firing replica with realistic, working action to your collection today -- an authentic realization of the Luger P08, without the high price tag that comes with an original.