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HISTORY: The AK-47 (Russian, Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947)  is a gas-operated assault rifle used in many Eastern Bloc nations during the Cold War.  As its name implies, it was adopted and standardized in 1947.  The AK-47 is generally more compact than World War II-era auto loading rifles. Its shorter range and smaller cartridges (39mm) make it more suitable for firefights at close range (300 meters or less), which is why assault rifles were developed.  Because it was durable, cheap to make and easy to use, it became--and remains--the best known and most widely used of all assault rifles.
AK-47 Tactical Assault Rifle Replica,
Full Wood Stock
This authentic, non-firing replica AK-47 has a 30-round banana clip and working action!
Replica Cartridges to fit AK-47 clips
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Tactical Assault Rifle with wooden stock, banana ammo clip
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#22-55 - AK47 Cartridges (non-firing)
Fit Replica Ammo Clips
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