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1866 Blank-Firing
Double-Barrel Derringer Replicas
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Plus shipping Old West page heading. - Blank-Firing Old West Derringers

* You must be 18 years old to purchase this product and 21 to accept delivery. This product comes with basic eye and hearing protection. Please read the safety guidelines prior to use.
#38-376 - Nickel finish, black composite grips
Black or
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.22-cal. blank-fire derringer, nickel finish with black grips.
#38-377 - Black finish, black composite grips
This M1866, .22 Caliber Double-Barreled Derringer, was a favorite 'hideaway' gun of outlaws and gamblers. Our blank-firing version has an authentic working action, and swing locking lever. The barrels swing up for easy loading of the .22/6mm "crimp" blank cartridges. Cam action allows hammer to strike first one barrel then the other.  Choose from shiny brass, black/blued finish, or bright nickel with checkered black grips.
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Old West derringer blank-fire replica, black, black grips.
Blank-fire derring, brass, black grips.
#38-378 - Brass finish, black composite grips
Due to being unable to get .22 or 8mm blank ammo, these derringers are on indefinite hold. We are out of all finishes, and don't  have any estimated date when we might get more, so will not be selling them until that situation is revolved.