The Fall of the Alamo, 1903 painting by Robert Jenkins Onderdonk -- The Alamo Kentucky Long Rifle Replica
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The fall of the Alamo, 1903 painting by Robert Jenkins Onderdonk shows Davy Crockett using his Kentucky long rifle as a club after the Mexican Army breached the walls of the Alamo and overran the mission. Click on picture for larger image.
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HISTORY: Most often associated with Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, the Kentucky rifle is uniquely American. The rifle was primarily made in Pennsylvania, with Maryland and Virginia gunsmiths contributing a fair share. It became the 'Kentucky Rifle' after the Battle of New Orleans was largely won by  two thousand of them in the hands of sharpshooting frontiersmen from Kentucky.  One of the first to feature a "rifled" bore, it was extremely accurate for its time, and played an integral part in the first U.S. westward expansion of the late 18th and early 19th Century. This non-firing replica is based on the long rifle used by Davy Crockett and others at the Battle of the Alamo.  This classic American firearm replica is a great addition to your collection. Add a powder horn and hang it on the wall for a striking display!  59 inches long, weighs 5 pounds. Great for re-enactors, rendezvous participants and living history performers, too!
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The Alamo
Kentucky Long Rifle Replica

Non-firing Replica of a Kentucky long rifle like the one used at the Battle of The Alamo By Davy Crockett and others!
59 inches long!
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Closeup view of Kentucky long rifle lock mechanism
Replica of the Kentucky long rifle that defended the Alamo.
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