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Gift Ideas For American Civil War Buffs
We've assembled a collection of home decor and gift items that are sure to please a Civil War reenactor, living history performer, or history buff -- from Civil War-themed chess sets to miniature cannons for desk/diorama display to full size non-firing replicas of famous Civil War firearms, and more.

Non-firing replica of a rare Griswold and Gunnison Confederate Revolver mounted on hand-stained pine plaque with bullet gun hangers and
The Gettysburg  Framed Set
Lee & Jackson Framed Set
Confederate Framed Set
Full size replica of a rare, Confederate-made Griswold and Gunnison revolver on a hand-stained pine plaque with routed edges. A CSA hat pin, brass identification plate and engraving of the Battle of Second Manassas complete this wall display.
#27-368 - Engraving of Pickett's charge at Gettysburg with a non-firing replica of a rare Griswold and Gunnison Confederate revolver. 
#27-370 - Battle of Second Manassas engraving, with a full-sized replica of a rare Griswold and Gunnison Confederate-made revolver.
Full size replica of 1860 Army revolver in antiqued gunmetal gray finish with wood grip, mounted on a stained pine plaque with routed edges, U.S. hat pin, brass identification plate and engraving of the Battle of First Manassas.
Union Framed Set
#27-320 - The full-scale replica 1860 Army revolver in this set is 14" long and weighs a hefty 2.5 lbs! The  engraving depicts the Battle of First Mannassas.
Each of these sets Includes:
Spring-loaded 'bullet' hangers
Brass identification plates
Full-size, non-firing replicas with working parts!
Famous engravings
Authentic hat pin replicas

Civil War Framed Displays
All these replica guns are also sold separately. See Civil War Pistol Replicas for details.
Non-firing replica of the Baby Philadelphia Derringer that shot Lincoln, in a hand-made display box with history card inside lid.
Boothe Derringer Boxed Set
A ball from a single shot "Baby Phila-delphia" derringer like the replica in this boxed set altered the course of U.S. History when it was used by John Wilkes Booth to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln.
Full-size 1860 Army revolver replica  with cavalry insignia and USA hat pin, engraving of Battle of Gettysburg inside the lid of  the hand-made wood presentation box.
1851 Navy revolver, with richly engraved gold and silver-tone plating, polished wood grip in a wood presentation box with cavalry insignia and U.S.A. hat pin.
Civil War  Boxed Sets
This handsome set includes a full-size non-firing replica  of an 1860 Army revolver in a handmade wood presentation box with a velvet-finished blue boam insert.  Includes crossed saber insignia and Union hat pin. Inside the lid is colorized engraving of the Battle at Gettysburg
Cavalry insignia and a CSA hat pin accompany the richly engraved, full size replica 1851 Navy revolver nestled in a velvet-finish teal foam insert inside a handmade wood presentation box. The colorized engraving inside the lid depicts the historic last meeting of Robert E. Lee and 'Stonewall Jackson' at Chancellor-sville, VA on May 1, 1863.

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1853 Enfield 3-Band Musket
See our complete collection of Civil War non-firing replica muskets and rifles!
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Cavalry Saber
An authentic, hand-made  replica of the sword most often used by Confederate forces, this hand-some saber was the one carried by the troops of J.E.B. Stuart, Nathan Bedford Forest and Wade Hampton. 
40" long, richly engraved, slightly curved blade, including the U.S. Insignia, leather grip is spiral wire bound, foliage designs cast into the brass handguard, steel scabbard w/brass fittings.
Closeup of the hilt of 1850 U.S. Staff and Field Officer Replica Saber
1850 Union Replica Field Officer Sword
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1850 Union field officer sword and scabbard
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Richly engraved silver and gold-toned 1851 Navy Revolver and a CSA hat pin are mounted on a wood plaque, with an engraving of Lee and Jackson's May 1, 1863 meeting at Chancelloresville, VA are mounted on a hand-stained pine plaque with routed edges and brass identification plate.
#27-377 - Two of the Confederacy's most famous generals are honored in this set featuring a silver and gold-tone engraved Model 1851 Navy revolver replica.
Close-up oview of the hilt off General Joe Shelby Confederate Officer Cavalry Saber
General Joe Shelby Confederate Cavalary Officer Saber
General Joe Shelby's Cavalry Saber

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Lee & Jackson  Boxed Set
The Gettysburg  Boxed Set
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Civil War Sword Belts
These historically authentic Civil War sword belts are black leather with brass buckles, and two straps to attach sword scabbard rings to the belt. Adjusts to fit 37- to 42-inch waists, but you can punch holes for a smaller waist size.
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