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Coach Gun Shotgun Replica
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HISTORY: The Coach Gun got its name on the stagecoach trails of the western frontier.  Lone coaches traveling cross-country were often the target of outlaws and Indians, creating a need for security and defense--both for the strongbox that sometimes carried money to meet mine payrolls and other large sums, and for the safety of passengers.  Stagecoach companies quickly added guards to ride alongside the driver on top of the coach.  The guards needed a weapon that could hit a target without precise aiming, since it would need to be fired from atop a swaying coach bouncing along a bumpy trail. "Riding Shotgun" was a hard, dangerous, and sometimes fatal occupation.

cut-down version of the coach Stagecoach Shotgun was also popular among frontier marshals, sheriffs and barkeeps for ease of use and assured accuracy at close quarters.  Bandits and drunken cowboys alike would think twice about causing trouble while looking down the double barrels of a shotgun. 
This cap-firing replica of a Coach Shotgun has a realistic, time-worn look and working parts just like the original 1881 percussion cap design. The hardwood stock and antiqued metal barrel look just as they would have heading out on the stagecoach trail.  Thumb the top locking lever to the side and the gun breaks open like the original would for loading.  Close and lock the barrels and cock both hammers, then pull the double triggers one at a time and the hammers will fall. The realistic weight, feel and action of this quality replica will transport you back to the days when stagecoaches traveled the trails of the Dakotas to Deadwood, with a trusty coach gun as its last and best line of defense. Now fires caps!
Coach Gun - Replica of 1881 dbl barrel shotgun used to defend  stagecoaches in Old West

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Item #22-1115
Authentic Replica Gun Classics - Non-Firing and  Blank-Firing
Famous weapon of the Old West--this is the
gun that coined the phrase, "Riding shotgun!"
Close-up of double-barrel coach shotgun broken open
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