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General Custer Framed Set
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General Custer Framed  Set - #27-302
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Decorative Boxed and Framed Sets of Classic and Historic Replica  Firearms
#27-302 -- General Custer at times carried a pistol similar to this deluxe 1860 Civil War Army revolver replica. It is 14" in length and weighs a hefty 2.5  pounds. The loading lever, hammer, trigger and cylinder action work like the rare and expensive original. The pistol is decorated with real wood grips, a deluxe blued barrel and simulated brass frame. Mounted with the pistol are a replica engraving of the General on horseback, a brass 7th Cavalry insignia and a brass identification plate. Your choice of light or dark finished wood frame.
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Non-firing Replica of 1860 Army Revolver mounted with bullet wall hangers on a stained wood plaque with vintage engraving of General Custer on horseback and a 7th cavalry brass insignia, with a brass identification plate
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