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Napoleonic Wars and American Revolution
Civil War
Old West
World War I and II
Framed Set

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American Revolutionary War Chess Set
Chess Sets &
Civil War chess set with American flag chessboard
Chess Sets & Boards
Liberty Bronze
Chess Sets & Boards
Chess Sets & Boards
Frame An Antique Or Replica Gun
To Display
In Your
Home or Office!
Makes a
Great Gift, Too!
Baroque Shield

Lexington Flintlock fired the first shot of the American Revolution--the shot heard 'round the world
See our
Frames & More
Collection for more framing options
The Alamo Chess Set
Kentucky Flintlock Pistol
Pistol Replicas
The Alamo Framed Set, Kentucky flintlock pistol on baroque hangers, mounted on a hand-stained pine plaque with a vintage engraving of the Alamo and a brass identification plate.
Framed Sets
Uniform Pieces, holsters & other
reenactor gear
Confederate Shell Jacket
Civil War black leather butt-forward holster and belt, brass buckle, left or right hip carry
Flintlock Pistol & Musket Replicas
Napoleon's Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol
Genuine Brown Bess musket flints in a framed display
George Washington flintlock pistol framed set
Historic Framed Sets
And more!
Chess Sets &
1853 Enfield 3-band musket non-firing replica
Replica cap & ball pistols & muskets
Griswold and Gunnison Confederate-made Revolver Replica mounted on  wood plaque with bullet hangers
Framed Sets
And More!
Wall Art
Collector Classic Replica of Wild Bill Hickock Ivory-handled 1851 Navy engraved revolver mounted on brass studs in an art-quality  walnut frame
Collector Classic Replica of Wild Bill Hickock ivory-handled, engraved 1851 Navy Revolver in shadow box for wall or table display with identification plate
Framed &
Boxed Sets
1873 'Fast-draw' 45 Single as a 9mm blank-fire replica
1866 Derringer non-firing replica, wood and brass
Double-barrel coach shotgun replica
Mares Laig sawed-off Rifle, as seen in Wanted Dead or Alive, vintage 50s TV western
Non-firing & blank-firing replica pistols, rifles,
And More!
Silver Sheriff's Star Badge Replica
MP40 Schmeisser German SMG Pistol replica
Garand M1 WWII US Infantry Rifle
Non-firing Replica Guns
Replica Helmets & Hats
McArthur replica crush cap
Wermacht German Officer Hat replica
Vintage Metal Military Model
Baroque Lion Shield Hangers for pistols or swords, spring loaded, brass finish
Hand-stained Pine Plaque with routed edges for pistol or dagger wall displays, choose 18 x 7 inches or 16x7 inches
Pistol Display
Early American Frontier