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18th Century Flintlock
Dueling Pistols - Boxed Set
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HISTORY:  Before the advent of dueling pistols, affairs of honor were fought with swords.  Fortune favored the more skilled and agile swordsman, but even a bad swordsman could by chance land a crippling or lethal blow.

Pistols were a great equalizer in the matter of duels, as they were to later become on the battlefield or in man-to-man encounters of the Old West.  It took much less time to master the skills of firing a pistol than to become proficient at fencing. While marksmanship was, of course, important for success in pistol dueling, skill was of less importance with pistols at twenty paces than it was in an up-close-and-personal combat with swords, and speed mattered not at all, as combatants either fired pre-primed and loaded pistols in turn, or together at an agreed signal.  Once pistols became the weapon of choice in most duels, fatalities declined accordingly, though many injuries were still inflicted.  In many cases, tempers had cooled enough by the time the duel actually took place that only token shots, not intended to strike their targets, were exchanged and honor was satisfied.  Visit our companion site, for more about dueling pistols.

Famous duelers include the Duke of Wellington while he was Prime Minister of England.  The United States' President Andrew Jackson--a hot-tempered individual with a marriage to a divorced woman that scandalized the nation--fought at least a dozen duels.  Perhaps the most famous American duel was between sitting Vice President Aaron Burr and Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton.

        View an article about the Burr-Hamilton duel
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18th Century Dueling Pistols, Boxed Set, Pewter Finish
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Pewter Finish
This fine set features richly engraved barrels, flint mechanisms and trim--all set on rich walnut stocks.  These historically authentic, non-firing replicas have fully functional trigger and loading mechanisms, with the substantial heft for steady aim and the long barrel for greater accuracy that is typical of fine dueling pistols.

Original matched sets can sell for $20,000 or more - but you can own this completely authentic replica set for a tiny fraction of that price.  Order today, and add this beautiful set to your collection.  Great for re-enactors and living history actors, too!
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