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Custom Frame An Antique or
Replica Gun
for a striking
decorative accent or a great gift!
Home Decor and Gift Ideas For
Early American Frontier Enthusiasts

Kentucky Flintlock Pistol
Kentucky Flintlock Pistol
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This classic Kentucky flintlock pistol was one of the first produced in the USA in the early 18th Century, and was commonly carried by soldiers, militia, scouts and frontiersmen in Colonial and Early Frontier America.  Original Kentucky flintlocks typically sell for $2600 or more.  This flawless, non-firing replica with a full wood stock makes an impressive gift, for a tiny fraction of an original's price!

The Alamo/Bowie Knife Framed Set
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Yes, the famous Kentucky pistol helped defend The Alamo--in the hands of sharp-shooting Tennessee woodsmen among the  brave defenders who held off Santa Anna's Mexican Army for 13 days.  The pistol is mounted on a stained wood plaque with routed edges.  The spring-loaded baroque hangers allow the pistol to be easily removed from the frame for examination and testing of the working action. The frame also features an engraving of The Alamo battle of 1836 and a brass identification plaque. 15" x 7".

This unique set features a classic early American style bowie knife from the 1800's, polished wood handle, brass trim, with a brass-trimmed, decorative leather scabbard.  The knife is mounted on a hand stained pine frame with a colorized reproduction print of the fierce fighting at the Alamo in March of 1836, and a brass identification plaque. 18" x 7".
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From Dan'l Boone to Davy Crockett, figures from  the Early American Frontier loom larger than life in history--and in our imaginations.  Our selection of Early Frontier gifts pays tribute to that epic time with a selection of replica weapons and framed sets .
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The Alamo/Kentucky Flintlock Pistol Framed Set
Steer Powder Horn
#30-100 Powder HornMade of real steer horn with a removable wooden stopper and leather shoulder strap. $14.00 plus shipping.
Texas Ranger Framed Set
First established in 1823 but not formally inaugurated until 1835, the Texas Rangers were very much a part of U.S. early frontier history, and played a pivotal role defending settlers while Sam Houston and the Army were battling Mexico for Texan independence.  They often served without pay under the most harrowing conditions, and the "Lone Star" commemorative model Single Action Army pistol was created for the Texas Rangers, to honor their sacrifice.  Our framed set includes a full-size replica of the 'Lone Star' pistol, mounted with spring-loaded bullet hangers for easy removal to test its working action.  The real wood and metal replica in antiqued gunmetal finish is mounted on a hand-stained pine plaque with a vintage photo of a Texas Ranger unit, a replica of the famous "peso" Texas Ranger badge and a brass identification plate. Choose light or dark wood frame.

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.45 Single Action Army Lone Star Texas Ranger Commemorative revolver, pewter finish with wood grip
1873 .45 SAA Texas Ranger 'Lone Star' Revolver

1800 French Cavalry Flintlock Pistol Replica
Lewis & Clark  Flintlock Pistol
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Originally made for the French cavalry at the end of the 18th Century by the Arsenal at St. Etienne, this Napoleonic-style flintlock is typical of the weapons Lewis and Clark and their corps carried when they departed in 1803 to explore the vast Northwest Territories obtained from France in the Louisiana Purchase.  Our non-firing replica is historically authentic and accurately detailed, with working mechanical parts, a full-length wood stock and simulated brass trim.  Great for re-enactors and a fine conversation piece.

Hand-stained Pine Plaque with routed edges for pistol or dagger wall displays, choose 18 x 7 inches or 16x7 inches
Two sizes:
#27-501 - 18"x7"
#27-500 - 16"x7"
Wall Plaque

Home Decor and  Gift Ideas for Early American Frontier History Buffs
This custom .45 with the Lone Star emblem on the butt was a special model created for the Texas Rangers. Our non-firing replica has fully functioning mechanical parts.  You can spin the cylinder, cock the hammer, pull the trigger--everything but the "bang"!
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Texas Dragoons Saber Replica
This fine replica saber has a 1065 high-carbon steel blade with full tang and is well tempered.  The grip is twisted brass wire and black leather wrapped.  This is a rare chance to own a unique piece of U.S. Wartime history, an authentic replica of the highest quality!
Like the originals, this replica has "TEXAS DRAGOONS" engraved on the blade in script. The steel scabbard has two rings for attaching to a saber belt.  Comes with factory edge, but can be sharpened for an additional fee.
Plus shipping
Factory Edge

Plus shipping
Closeup view of Texas Dragoon Saber
Detail  of Texas Dragoons engraving on the blade of a replica Texas Dragoon saber replica
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The Alamo Bowie Knife framed set includes bowie knife replica with polished wood handle and brass trim, in a brass-trimmed, decoratfive leather scabbard, mounted on a beveled wood plaque with brass identification plate and colorized etching of the Battle of The Alamo.
Frame Finish
Frame Finish
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Fleur de Lis Hangers
Baroque lion heraldry shield spring loaded hangers for pistols or swords
Baroque Hangers
Baroque spring-loaded wall hanger in antique brass, red heraldic shield with brass fleur de lis

Kentucky long rifle, replica of the rifle used by Davy Crockett at The Alamo.
Authentic replica of the Kentucky
Long Rifle used at the Battle of the Alamo by Davy Crockett.  59 inches long.

1849 Navy Dragoon Replica Pistol
1849 Dragoon
This massive, .44 caliber revolver was originally manufactured in 1848 by Eli Whitney. It was an improvement on the Walker models, and another step in the evolution toward Colt's Navy and Army models. 13.5" long overall, this metal replica has an antiqued silver finish with polished real wood grips, and weighs in at 3.5 lbs. for authentic heft and feel.  The cylinder is engraved with a cavalry officer on horseback.
#22-1055 Antiqued silver, wood grip
The Alamo framed set with Kentucky flintlock pistol, darkt finish frame
The Alamo Framed Set with Kentucky pistol, light finish frame
Choose light or dark finish
wood frame!
Texas Ranger framed set, dark wood frame
The Alamo
Kentucky Long Rifle
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