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Engraved Double-Barrel
Replica Flintlock Pistol
Manufactured in 1750 by W. Bailes in England, the original on which this richly engraved replica flintlock is based featured double barrels with separate pans.  After one barrel was fired, the barrels were turned 180 degrees to bring the second loaded barrel up into firing position.  This very early precursor to the revolver makes an interesting addition to any collection of historic guns. The dual-tone engraved furniture, engraved metal buttplate and simulated ivory butt further add to the beauty of this replica of a unique weapon from Colonial times.  As close as you can get to the "real thing", this quality non-firing replica has functioning parts and a removable wood ramrod.
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Engraved double barrel flintlock with rotating barrels
Rotating Barrels
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Closeup of Double-barrel engraved flintlock rotating barrels
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Close-up of engraved butt and grip of double-barrel flintlock pistol
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