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Q: Are replica guns safe?
A: Yes.  The Denix and other replicas on our site are safe to have in your home and for use in collections, displays, or for theatrical or training purposes.  None of them will fire projectiles, nor can they be converted to do so.  However, they are NOT toys and are definitely NOT for children.  Moving, spring-loaded parts, metal hammers that click on chambers, etc. could smash or pinch a child's fingers.  Also, Denix replica guns look and even feel like the real thing and have moving parts.  If a replica gun were to be aimed or used in a threatening manner, especially in the presence of police, military or Homeland Security professionals, or others, the consequences could be fatal.  They should always be treated with the same responsible handling that would be used with a real firearm.  When purchasing a replica firearm from us, you are responsible for maintaining a safe environment and/or situation for your purchase.

Q: Does ship replica guns worldwide?
A: Regretfully, because of increasingly strict gun laws in most countries--which apply the same laws to replica guns as to real ones--we can no longer ship internationally. We now ship to United States addresses only.

YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO PURCHASE FROM US. We offer secure credit card processing through Pay-Pal, whether or not you have a Pay-Pal account.  If you do have a Pay-Pal account, you are, of course, welcome to use that method of payment.  Either way your purchase is quick and easy, and completely safe and secure.  We do not see or collect your payment information.  When you click an "Add to Cart" button to make a purchase on our site, you are immediately redirected  to PayPal's securely encrypted site before any financial or shipping information is collected.   Once your payment is processed by PayPal, you will be returned to a page on our website that verifies your purchase is complete.

Your order will usually be shipped out the next business day.  (In the United States, business days are Monday through Friday, excluding our national holidays)

Q: What payment methods does accept?

A: We use PayPal as our merchant credit card processing provider.
PayPal is safe and secure and is the most trusted way to pay for merchandise on the internet. 
YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO PURCHASE FROM US, though you can purchase through a Pay-Pal account if you have one or desire to sign up for one.   Either way, your purchase transaction is very quick, easy, safe and secure.  PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

We prefer that our customers use credit/debit cards or a PayPal account, because that is the quickest way for us to verify the payment and get your merchandise shipped and on its way to you.

However, if you wish to pay us directly by mailing a personal check or money order, we will be happy to accommodate you, though it will take longer to receive your payment and process your order.  If you wish to pay by personal check or money order, please email us the details of your order, including product number(s), shipping address, email address and contact information, so that we can set up your order to ship as soon as payment is received and verified, or you can call to place your order at 479-276-0434.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Replicas of Classic Guns