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German  Helmets
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Pre-WW1 German Picklehaub Helmet
Pre-WWI  Picklehaub Helmet
#16-250 -- This Imperial German spiked Helmet was standard ceremonial issue for the German cavalry from the Franco-Prussian War to the end of WWl. It features a steel bowl with a lobster-tail neck plate.  Size 7-1/2", with liner.
WWII Model 1942 Helmet with Plain Rim
WWII Helmet Model 1942 Plain Rim Helmet
#803282 -- this authentic replica is constructed of 18 gauge steel . This is a realistic and high quality replica of the original M-42. The original helmet was revolutionary for its time, and served as the basis  for current military helmets due to the additional security it offered. 
WWII Helmet Model 1935 Rolled Rim Helmet
#803128 -- Reproduced from a helmet adopted by the German Army in 1935, this high-quality replica is made of steel with an adjustable leather headliner and chinstrap.
NOTE: 4G Company has no sympathies with any Nazi, Fascist or neo-political/ military parties past or present.  Items shown here are offered for historic reenactments and memorabilia collectors.
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WWI Model 1935 Helmet, Rolled Rim
1935 WWII Rolled-Rim Helmet
1942 WWII Plain Rim Helmet
Picklehaub Helmet
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German Fusil StG 44
STG 44 WWII German assault rifle, wood stock
STG 44

German MP41
SMG Replica
German MP41, identical to the MP40 Schmeisser except it has a wood stock instead of metal.
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WWI M16/M18 Replica Helmet
#803280 -- This replica helmet is constructed of 18-gauge steel with adjustable leather headliner and chin strap.
M16-M18 Camp Pattern Helmet
WW1 1917 Camp Pattern Replica German Helmet
WWII Luftwaffe Paratrooper's Helmet
#803127 -- High quality reproduction of an extremely rare WWII German Para-trooper Steel Helmet, the Fallschirmjager.   Made in the general shape of the M1935 helmet, but without the extended brim and flared sides.

Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmet
WW2 German Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmet
1917 WWI Camp Pattern German Helmet Replica
#16-17 -  M1917 Camp Pattern
WWI German Helmet

Replica, 1917 Camp Pattern helmet, 18-ga. Steel with lugs and repro liner, Size 7-7/8.
1917 Camp Pattern Helmet