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"Wild Bill" Hickok 1851 Navy Revolver
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Introduced in 1851, this cap and ball Navy revolver was the pistol of choice during the Civil War and early expansion of the West. Even after the introduction of modern cartridge revolvers, the M1851 remained a staple in the gunfighter's arsenal. Its 7.5" octagonal barrel and strong frame made for a handsome and reliable sidearm.  A matched pair of engraved 1851 Navy pistols were the favorite sidearms of Wild Bill Hickok. This CA Classics M1851 Navy Revolver has historically accurate details, working action, simulated ivory grips and beautifully engraved, polished nickel finish. The cylinder of this revolver is engraved with a scene of the victory of the Second Texas Navy at the Battle of Campeche, while the frame features elegant scroll work. 7.5 inch barrel, 13 inches long, overall.

HISTORY: This M1851 Navy Revolver replica is modeled after a pair of engraved revolvers presented to James Butler 'Wild Bill' Hickok by a United States Senator in recognition of his service as a Union Army scout during the Civil War. Hickok was a staunch aboliItionist. His childhood farm home in Ohio was a stop on the "underground railroad" for runaway slaves, and he learned marksmanship at a young age when he had to defend the family homestead against slave hunters.  He is said to have been one of the greatest marksmen who ever lived--able to draw and shoot from the hip without ever appearing to aim, and  yet seldom missing his target.
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Wild Bill Hickok 1851 Navy, engraved nickel. mock ivory grips.
Close-up of engraving on Wild Bill Hickok 1851 Navy
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