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Big-Loop 1892 Lever Action Rifle Framed Set

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John Wayne Collectibles
John Wayne 1892 Carbine framed set
This set features an 1873 SAA "six-shooter", 5-1/2 inch barrel, nickel finish with a simulated ivory John Wayne grip, in a Mexican single-loop, quick draw holster, mounted on a wood plaque with his signature.  The plaque reads "John Wayne, 1907-1979, American Icon".  Choose light or dark finished wood.
This quality SAA "six-shooter" replica in nickel finish features simulated ivory John Wayne grips, and is mounted with spring-loaded bullet hangers for easy removal of the gun.  The barnwood frame has a black felt backing and an identifying plaque that reads "John Wayne Single Acton Revolver, Legendary Arm of the Old West".  #JW303.
John Wayne "Six-Shooter" Framed Set
John Wayne Stagecoach framed set with coach shotgun
John Wayne "Stagecoach" Framed Set
Commemorating the role in "Stagecoach" that made him a star, this John Wayne framed set features an authentic replica of a stagecoach shotgun mounted on a wood plaque decorated with a picture of John Wayne, a reproducton of his actual signature, and a stagecoach scene. Choose light or dark finished wood.
This large-loop 1892 carbine was John Wayne's favorite rifle, and he used it in many of his movies, including "El Dorado" and "The Sons of Katie Elder". We've mounted our replica on a wood plaque with a photo of John Wayne and his signature reproduced on the board. #JW304.
NEW! John Wayne "Red River" Holster and Belt
John Wayne
Holstered Six-Shooter
Framed Set
John Wayne SAA 6-Shooter in Holster framed set
John Wayne six shooter in holster framed set, dark wood finish
John Wayne Six Shooter in barnwood frame

NEW! "The Duke" Cap-Firing Replica Pistol
John Wayne cap-firing replica revolver
John Wayne's Fast Draw Revolver is immortalized with this solid metal cap gun. This premium replica looks and feels like the real thing. A detailed replica of a single action fast draw model, this cap gun features a 5.5" barrel, faux ivory grips, working single action and shell ejector. Not only does this cap gun fire off 6 rounds of caps seamlessly, it is accurately detailed and shows outstanding craftsmanship. #JW308.

John Wayne Red River leather holster
John Wayne holster belt, russet leather with brass-finish buckle
Stamped with John Wayne's ranch brand from his iconic role in the 1948 film, "Red River", this classic western holster in russet leather  looks great with the matching belt and authentic John Wayne "Red River"  "six-shooter" 9mm blank-fire revolver (belt and revolver sold separately).
John Wayne Red River 9mm blank-fire SAA Six Shooter, antiqued grey wiht faux ivory grip.

NEW! Red River SAA 'Six-Shooter' 9mm Blank-Fire
John Wayne's "Red River D" brand from his role in the movie, "Red River" is engraved on the frame just above the trigger.  This 9mm blank-fire model of the classic SAA "6-shooter" 'quick-draw' model has a 4.75 inch barrel, with a rugged, antiqued grey finish and simulated ivory grips.  Over 25 parts, and can be loaded with six 9mm blanks
John Wayne, Duke, and The Duke are exclusive trademarks. The John Wayne name, image, likeness, voice, and other related indicia are the intellectual property of John Wayne Enterprises, LLC.

John Wayne 6-shooter, grey, faux ivory grips
John Wayne .45 SAA "Six-Shooter"
This non-firing replica of John Wayne's favorite SAA Army .45 revolver has a 5-1/2 inch barrel and imitation ivory John Wayne grips.  The fring action and shell ejector are functional.  The original of this revolver was John Wayne's favorite "six-shooter", and he used it in many of his movies.