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Old West Framed Sets
Outlaws & Lawmen
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Pat Garrett Framed Set
Billy the Kid Framed Set - #27-390
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When Pat Garrett shot and killed Billy the Kid in 1881, he reportedly used a Single Action Cavalry Model revolver (7.5 inch barrel) like the model we used for this framed set. Our non-firing replica is mounted on spring-loaded bullet hangers that make it easy for you to take the gun off the plaque and test out the action. The back-loading cylinder spins, you can cock the hammer and pull the trigger. The deluxe nickel finish, 7.5" barrel and real wood grips give this replica a realistic and historic feel.  Mounted on the frame is a miniature portrait of Pat Garrett taken shortly before the shooting, and a replica of the silver badge he wore as the Sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory.  A brass pistol identification plaque completes the set, with your choice of light or dark finished wood frame.

One of the pistols Jesse James used was a cavalry-style (7.5 inch barrel), like the replica in this framed set. Our replica is gun-metal grey finish with wood grips, and has working parts--spin the cylinder, cock the hammer and pull the trigger. The pistol is mounted on a pine frame in your choice of light or dark finish. A miniature wanted poster offering $25,000 reward for the capture of Jesse, and a brass identification plaque complete the set.

Jessie and his brother, Frank James, rode with the Confederate guerilla group, Quantrill's Raiders during the Civil War, and were accused of committing atrocities against Union soldiers.  They rode with several different gangs after the war, committing bank stagecoach and train robberies.  Famous even before his death, Jessie James became legendary after he was shot by Robert Ford in 1882.  Often portrayed in mythic terms as a sort of Robin Hood figure fighting the powerful railroad for the downtrodden, the truth is that his robberies benefited nobody except himself and members of his gang. 

Wild Bill Hickock Framed Display, light wood frame
Jessie James Framed Set
Wild Bill Hickok Framed Set
Frame Finish
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#27-335 -- This handsome framed set features a non-firing replica of an engraved 1851 Navy revolver that is based upon the famous ivory-handled pair he carried for many years.  Test the working loading and firing mechanisms of this fine replica yourself--it's mounted with our spring-loaded bullet hangers which allow it to be easily removed from  the frame.  We've added a vintage photo of Wild Bill taken in 1873, and a U.S. Army hat pin to commemorate his service as a scout for the Union army during the Civil War.  Hickok also served as a lawman in several Kansas cow towns.  A brass identification plate completes this set, with your choice of light or dark wood frame.
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1879 Photo of Bat Masterson
Bat Masterson, 1879
Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp as Deputy Sheriffs in Dodge City, KS, 1876
Deputy Sheriffs Bat Masterson (left) and Wyatt Earp in Dodge City, 1876.
Brass Replica Sheriff Star
Brass Sheriff Star Replica Badge
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Bat Masterson

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Bat Masterson was elected Sheriff of Ford County, Kansas (the Dodge City area) in 1877 and served until 1879.  Masterson's brother, Ed,  a City Marshal in Dodge City, was killed in the line of duty  in April, 1879.  He was shot by a cowboy named Jack Wagner, who didn't know that Ed's brother was nearby.  As the mortally wounded Ed staggered away from Wagner, Bat Masterson opened fire on him from across the street. Wagner died  the next day of his wounds.

Despite his fearsome reputation as a gunman, Masterson used his gun against other men on only six occasions, far less than Wild Bill Hickock and others of his contempo-raries.

After his term as Ford County Sheriff ended in 1879, Masterson roamed the towns of the West, making his living as a professional gambler for several years.  He visited his old friend, Wyatt Earp, in Tombstone, Arizona Territory in 1882, leaving town shortly before the infamous Gun-fight at the OK Corral. 
Several years later, when he was living in New York, Masterson was appointed a Deputy U.S. Marshall for the District of New York by President Teddy Roosevelt, and made $2,000 per year  keeping peace in the Grand Jury room, when it was in session.  He also worked as a Sports writer for the New York Daily Telegraph during the same time.  He died at his newspaper desk of a heart attack in 1921, at the age of 67.
Pat Garrett Framed Set - Cavalry Model Single Action Revolver on bullet wall hangers mounted on wood plaque with photo of Pat Garrett and replica of his Lincoln County Sheriff badge
Pat Garrett Framed Set, dark wood plaque
Choose light or dark finished frame!
Jessie James framed set, light wood frame
Jessie James Framed Set, dark wood finish.
Wild Bill Hickok Framed Display, dark wood frame
Old West Replica Handcuffs
Billy the Kid Framed Set, light wood frame
Billy the Kid Framed Set, dark wood frame
Plus shipping
Frame Finish
William Henry McCarty (1859-1881), AKA William H. Bonney -- better known as "Billy THE Kid"-- used a .45 single action revolver with a 4.75" barrel like this replica during his criminal career in New Mexico Territory. The action on our classic, non-firing replica works like the original--the hammer cocks, the cylinder rotates and the trigger pulls to drop the hammer. Antique gunmetal grey finish and real wood grips. A miniature wanted poster and a reproduction of the only known photograph of The Kid complete the set.  Choice of light or dark finished wood plaque.
Old West Replica Handcuffs
Brass Replica Sheriff Star
Old West Replica Handcuffs
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Bat Masterson
Replica Colt .45 SAA

Gunfight at the OK Corral Framed Set
Brass Sheriff Star Replica Badge
Old West Replica Handcuffs
Our Cavalry Model (7" barrel) 1873 Single Action revolver is mounted on a stained wood plaque with spring-loaded bullet hangers that make it easy for you to remove the gun from the plaque and test its working backload cylinder, hammer, and trigger mechanisms. The vintage print on the plaque depicts the Earp Brothers and Doc Holliday confronting the Cowboys on October 26, 1881, in Tombstone, Arizona Territory. A brass identification plate completes the set. Plaque is 18"x7", in your choice of light or dark wood finish.
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