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Robert E. Lee 1860 Army
Replica Revolver Framed Displays
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Choose Frame Finish -- Robert E. Lee/1860 Army Framed Displays
Featuring A Full-Sized, Metal and Wood Replica of an
1860 Army Cap & Ball Revolver!
This framed set features a full-sized, non-firing replica of an 1860 Army revolver with  a blued/black barrel and cylinder, with a brass backstrap and trigger guard, accompanied by the famous vintage engraving of Robert E. Lee on his horse, Traveler.  The revolver is mounted on a stained wood plaque with our spring-loaded bullet hangers, making it easy to remove the pistol and examine its loading rachet, cylinder, hammer and trigger action--which all work like the original!  A rebel flag hat pin and brass identification plate complete the set. Civil War replica guns page heading.
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Robert E Lee framed set with 1860 Army replica revolver, dark wood plaque
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Robert E Lee 1860 Army Revolver Framed Display, light wood.
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