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Civil War Holsters
Sturdy black leather, left or right hip draw, fit our replicas and many other similar revolvers.
LeMat Confederate Pistol

LeMat Confederate .41 Caliber and 10-gauge Revolver
#22-1070G  .41 Caliber/20 Gauge  Revolver
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HISTORY:  Invented by Dr. Jean Alexandre LeMat of New Orleans, the LeMat pistol was a cap and ball black powder revolver with an unusual twist:  a secondary, 20-gauge smooth bore barrel beneath the cap and ball barrel capable of firing buckshot like a shotgun.  This unique sidearm was nicknamed "The Grapeshot Revolver".  The 9-shot cylinder revolved around the perimeter of the 20-gauge barrel.  The shooter could discharge from either barrel by flipping a lever on the end of the hammer.  The original, blued steel revolver with polished walnut grips was not considered a very accurate weapon, though it was deadly at close range.  Civil War cavalrymen preferred to carry several pistols, as it was quicker to draw another, loaded weapon, than to attempt to re-load a cap and ball pistol in the heat of combat--particularly while on horseback.

LeMat originally intended to market his invention to the U.S. Army, but when war broke out, he received a contract from the Confederacy for 5,000 revolvers.  Since the South lacked the facilities and materials to manufacture the guns, plans were made to manufacture the pistols in Europe.  Confederate gunrunners managed to smuggle shipments of the pistol through the Union naval blockade, and about 2,500 of them made it into service in the Confederate Army.  Prominent Confederate officers who were known to have used the LeMat included Generals P.T. Beauregard, Braxton Bragg and J.E.B. Stewart.
If you're looking for something unique  for your Civil War collection, or a great pistol for reenactments, this is it!  This LeMat replica has appeared in several movies, including "The Quick and the Dead" and "Cold Mountain".  The heavy-duty LeMat was a favorite with Confederate troops for its massive firepower.  The chamber held nine .41 caliber bullets, and the 20-gauge barrel underneath could fire a slug or buckshot. From its simulated, checkered wood grip to the functional Single Action works and loading lever, this is one you've gotta have! 14" overall length, weighs a hefty 3.6 pounds!
Seen in the movies
"The Quick and the Dead"
and "Cold Mountain" -- LeMat Confederate Pistol Replica Civil War page heading.
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