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Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
Lincoln County, New Mexico Framed Sets
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#27-311 - Pat Garrett Framed Set
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Decorative Boxed and Framed Sets of Classic and Historic Replica  Firearms
Reportedly Pat Garrett used a Single Action Cavalry Model revolver like the 1873 Model we used for this framed set when he shot Billy the Kid in 1881. Our non-firing replica is mounted on spring-loaded bullet hangers that make it easy for you to take the gun off the plaque and test out the action. The back-loading cylinder spins, you can cock the hammer and pull the trigger. The deluxe nickel finish, 7.5" barrel and real wood grip give this replica a historic and realistic feel.  Mounted on the frame is a miniature portrait of Pat Garrett taken shortly before the shooting, and a replica of the silver badge he wore as the Sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory.  A brass pistol identification plaque completes the set. With a choice of light or dark finished plaque.
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William Henry McCarty (1859-1881), AKA William H. Bonney -- better known as "Billy the Kid" Bonney  used a .45 single action revolver with a 4.75" barrel like this replica during his criminal career in New Mexico Territory. The action on our classic, non-firing replica revolver works like the original--the hammer cocks, the cylinder rotates and the trigger pulls to drop the hammer. "The Kid''s" revolver in this set has an antique gunmetal grey finish and real wood grip. A miniature replica of a wanted poster offering $25,000.00 reward for The Kid's capture. and a reproduction of the only known photograph of The Kid complete the set.  Choice of light or dark finished wood plaque.

#27-390 - Billy the Kid Framed Set
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Pat Garrett Framed Set - Cavalry Model Single Action Revolver on wood plaque with photo of Pat Garrett and replica of his Lincoln County Sheriff badge
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Billy the Kid Framed Set, light wood frame
Billy the Kid Framed Set, dark wood frame
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Pat Garrett Framed Set, dark wood plaque

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