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M-1911 .45 Caliber U.S. Military Pistol
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#22-1316 - Black, Textured Grips
Add this classic to your collection today!  Our non-firing replicas offer several finish choices.  They have the heft of the original, with functional loading and firing mechanisms--everything but the bang.

HISTIORY: Since the days of the Old West, .45 caliber pistols have helped to shape U.S. history. Here is yet another American .45 caliber pistol from the pages of history.  The M1911 is a single-action, semiautomatic pistol that fires the .45 ACP cartridge. The self-loading design pioneered by Hiram Maxim in  1880 was the first to use recoil energy from firing a bullet to reload.  Maxim's design was the model for the short-recoil firing system at the heart of the M1911 and most modern centerfire pistols.  

But it was John Browning's design for the sturdy and dependable M-1911 that aced the exhaustive performance trials of 1910 and paved the way for the M-1911 to become the standard-issue sidearm for United States armed forces from 1911 to 1985, seeing action in both World Wars, the Korean Conflict and the Viet Nam War.

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04-500, brown leather regulation holster for M1911 Govt. pistol
U.S. Holster for M1911 .45  pistol, brown leather
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M1911 .45 US Military pistol, black, black checkered grips.
M1911 US Military .45 cal pistol, nickel finish, wood grips.
#22-6316 - Nickel, Wood Grips
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M1911 Government .45, black with wood grips
#22-9316 - Black, Wood Grips
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