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M1928 Thompson U.S. Submachine
Military Version 'Tommy Gun'
#22-1093 - Black/Wood Stock
M1928 U.S. Submachine Gun, military model, black with wood stock and grips
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The Thompson--popularly known as a 'Tommy Gun'--is perhaps the most recognizable firearm of World War II, made famous by the Airborne Troops of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. This classic non-firing replica had been out of production for several years and is now back by popular demand.

This military model, with its 20-round magazine and horizontal grip, is different from the original commercial model. Compared to today's weapons, it is quite heavy (8.25 pounds), but the weight helped control the .45 caliber bursts on full automatic fire. The bolt would cock and fire from an open position.

We also have the 'Al Capone' commercial version of this weapon -- see it here!
32.5" long - real metal & wood with moving parts!
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* Californa & Kansas laws specifies replica guns can only be shipped to those states if they are part of a wall or boxed display, so we add a 45" wood mounting board to your order, sold at our cost, to comply with that law. Theatrical groups, military/police organizations, or schools using them for educational display are exempt from this rule.
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