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World War II
M1 Carbine Non-firing Replica Rifle
The most produced weapon in American military history, the M1 carbine was carried by Gis in WWII and Korea, and the early years of the Viet Nam war.  The M1 is a favorite of collectors, so this new carbine version replica is sure to be a hot seller! The wood-clad barrel is 18" long, ovewrall length 35.6".  Available with or without the sling.
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M1 Replica

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M1 Garand Cartridge Belt
M1 Garand Cartridge Belt
Exact reproduction US-marked M1 Garand cartridge belt, made from heavy-duty cotton-canvas with ten 3-1/4" x 2" pouches, each with a single-snap flap.  Metal front fastener is fully adjustable.  Each pouch holds one 8-round M1 Garand clip or two 5-round stripper clips.  Great for reenactors!
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World War I & II
Replica Firearms
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Authentic, Non-Firing Classic Replica Guns
Garand M1 Replica Bullets
#22-56 -- M1 Replica bullets.  Don't fire and can't be made to do so, but great accessory for cartridge belts, etc. For reneactors.
Set of six - sold with gun purchase only.
M1 carbine rifle replica with sling.
M1 Carbine replica rifle without sling
#22-1120 Without Sling
#22-1120C With Sling
NEW! M1-Style Helmet
M1-style GI Helmet

This Danish M48 helmet is made to the same specs as the US M1 helmet, including the rear seam steel pot with movable bales.  The fiberglass liner has a postwar adjustable leather and fabric headband.  The helmets are used, but in very good, serviceable condition.  They show scuffs and scrapes from long-term storage.  The steel pot and outside of the liner are painted matte gray.
M1-style GI helmet liner
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$275.00 with sling
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* Californa & Kansas laws specifies replica guns can only be shipped to those states if they are part of a wall or boxed display, so we add a 45" wood mounting board to your order, sold at our cost, to comply with that law. Theatrical groups, military/police organizations, or schools using them for educational display are exempt from this rule.
$234.00 without sling
$250.00 with sling
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