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German Schmeisser MP40 Replica
Fully Automatic Sub-Machine Gun
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HISTORY: The MP40 or Maschinenpistole, translated "machine Pistol" was a submachine gun developed in Germany, and known for its comparatively low rate of fire and low recoil. Fully automatic fire was its only setting, but the low rate of fire allowed for single shots with controlled trigger pulls. Initially only paratroopers and squad or platoon leaders were issued the MP40s, but the Germans learned from the success of Russian tactics where entire units armed with submachine guns decimated German troops in short-range urban fighting, and by the end of the war, entire assault platoons were being armed with MP40s and deployed in the field.

World War I & II
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MP40 Schmeisser German WWI Submachine Gun Replica
MP40 with folding stock extended. The MP40 is 25" long with the stock folded, and 33.5" long with it extended. It weighs 8 pounds.
The MP 40 repro is incredible...exceeding my expectations.
-- GK, Virginia