Authentic, Non-Firing Replicas of Classic Old West Rifles
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Old West Lever Action Repeating Rifle Replicas
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1892 Winchester Lever-Action Carbine Replica, Brass Trim, John Wayne Commemorative Edition

1892 Lever Action Carbine - Cowboy Version
John Wayne Commemorative Model

1866 Winchester Lever-action Repeating Rifle replica, brass finish

1873  Lever-Action Repeating Rifle, Brass Finish with engraving, black barrel
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1873 Lever-Action Repeating Rifle
#FD1030L -- You get everything but the bang in our non-firing replica of B.Tyler Henry's legendary 1860 invention--the first true repeating rifle, designed to fire the first metal-jacketed, self-contained cartridge.

1866 Lever-Action Repeating Rifle

1873 Lever-Action Repeating Rifle
1860 Lever Action Repeating Rifle, black barrel, brass finish

1860 Repeating Rifle- Octagonal Barrel
#22-1030L - Lever Action - Brass finish

1892 Loop Lever Repeating Rifle as seen on
1892 'Large Loop' Carbine
As seen in "The Rifleman" on TV!
The M1892 lever action western carbine has been seen in several movies, but was first made famous in "The Rifleman" show on TV.  The loop lever and blued finish make this an eye-catching collectible you'll be proud to own!

Mare's Leg 1892 Lever Action

#22-1095 Mare's Leg
Lever Action Repeating Rifle
This is the cut-down version of the loop lever 1892 rifle made famous by Josh Randall (Steve McQueen) in the vintage TV series "Wanted Dead or Alive". This is a must-have for the Old West collector and has never been available before at this price!
Custom Leather Holster for this replica is also available.
Custom leather holster for the Mares Leg cut-down carbine replica as seen on TV in Wanted Dead or Alive

Click this link to view our Framed Set of this famous rifle.
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#22-1069L The lighter weight and quick action of the 1892 Lever Action Carbine made it as popular with TV and movie cowboys as it was with hunters. John Wayne preferred the 1892-- he used it in "El Dorado" and dozens of his other movies.
Brass finish
Developed from the 1860 Henry rifle, the 1866 was famous for rugged construction and a lever-action breech mechanism that allowed a rifleman to fire several shots before having to reload. Also available in gunmetal grey finish, and the new nickel finish pictured below.
Brass finish
The 1873 model was much more popular than the 1866, because of its steel frame, which allowed it to take the more powerful .44 centerfire cartridge.  This model has silver finish with ornamental engraving. 18-7/8" barrel, 39" overall.
Silver finish
The 1873 model was much more popular than the 1866, because of its steel frame, which allowed it to take the more powerful .44 centerfire cartridge.  This model has a black barrel and brass trim with ornamental engraving. 18-7/8" barrel, 39" overall.
1873 Lever-action Repeating Rifle, Pewter finish with engraving

1881 Coach Gun
This non-firing replica of the legendary double-barrel shotgun carried on stagecoaches throughout the Old West frontier has an authentic, timeworn look, with functional double triggers and hammers.
1881 Double-Barrel
This "sawed-off" version of the venerable Stagecoach shotgun was popular with Old West bartenders, and reportedly the same type of shotgun Doc Holliday carried under his coat and used to deadly effect in the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

1866 lever actiion rifle, nickel finish
Close-up view of 1866 lever-action rifle receiver in nickel finish
NEW!  1866 Lever Action - Nickel Finish
Classic Old West lever-action repeating rifle replica in gleaming nickel finish.
Coach Gun - Replica of 1881 double barrel shotgun used to defend  stagecoaches throughout the Old West frontier.
Display Boards
Hand-stained pine plaque with routed edges for rifle or sword wall display, 45 inches long, 9 inches deep
Light or dark finish wood, 44 inches wide, 8-1/2 inches tall.

NEW! John Wayne Licensed Collectibles!
1892 John Wayne carbine in framed set
1892 "Big Loop" Lever-Action Carbine
John Wayne Stagecoash framed set with Coach Shotgun
"Stagecoach" Framed Set
with Double-Barrel Coach Shotgun
Light or Dark Wood Frame
Black-Wood Stock
Stagecoach Framed Set with Non-Firing Coach Shotgun Replica, light wood
1892 Lever-Action Carbine, gunmetal gray finish
Grey finish
1892 Lever Acton Classic
This quality non-firing replica has the weight and heft of the original, with a working lever and trigger mechanism. Pewter grey finish, hardwood stock and barrel grips.
Close-up view of coachgun double barrels break-open loading
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Rifle scabbard in dark brown suede leather
NEW! Suede Rifle