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M1881 Double Barrel Pistol

1851 Navy Revolvers
Pewter and Brass Engraved 1851 Navy Revolver, wood grips
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1849 Navy Pocket Pistol
This cut-down version of the famous Coach Shotgun was a favorite with bartenders throughout the Old West.
1849 Navy Pocket Pistol, Pewter finish, wood grip
Nickel and Gold Engraved 1851 Navy Revolver
Fancy engraved Navy revolvers were often given as gifts to high ranking military officers and government officials. Our non-firing replicas are typical of those "presentation pieces", and provide a dramatic illustration of the talents of the factory engravers of that period.  A set of ivory-gripped, nickel plated engraved 1851 Navy pistols very similar to our replica above left was presented to Wild Bill Hickok in recognition of his service as a Union scout during the Civil War, and they were said to be his favorites of all his pistols.
#22-1259G - Pewter
1849 Navy Pocket Pistol replica, Nickel, wood grips
#22-1259L - Nickel/Black
Silver- & Gold-tone Engraved
Nickel & Gold-tone Engraved
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 Double-Barreled Western Derringer, gold-plated engraved case, pearl-style butt
Double Barreled
#22-1262L. - Best-known and most popular of the double-barreled derringers.  .
M1881 Double Barrel Pistol - cut-down version of the Coach Shotgun
#22-1114 Black with wood stock
Cogswell 'Pepperbox' Percussion Revolver

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1873 SAA .45 'Six-Shooter' - Frontier Style
1873 SAA .45 Six-Shooter, black, wood grips
1873 SAA Six-Shooter Revolver Replica, Nickel, wood grips
1873 SAA .45 Six-Shooter revolver replica, grey, wood grips
#22-1106B Black/wood
#22-1106N Nickel/wood
#22-1106G Grey/wood

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The rusty patina on these antiqued spurs make them a great companion piece to display with a vintage Old West pistol or rifle.
$41.95 + shipping
Antiqued Spurs
Old West Pistol Replicas
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General Custer 1851 Navy

1851 Navy General Custer comemorative, nickel and gold finish, faux ivory gripss
Modeled after a fancy presentation model that was a gift to Custer commemorating his service in the Civil War. Also available in nickel-only finish.
Back by popular demand!
British Pepperbox Revolver, pewter finish
British Pepperbox Revolver, brass finish
#22-5701 Brass,
Wood grips
Both the receiver and the barrel rotated in this unique British-made percussion 'revolver', which saw action in the Civil War and the saloons of the western frontier.
#22-1071 Pewter,
Wood grips
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First manufactured in 1849, this pocket pistol became the best seller of all time for Samuel Colt.  
1873 Nickel/Black Grip Collector Edition Replica
1873 Bat Masterson SAA,  nickel finish with black grips
Back By Popular Demand!
Modeled after an SAA revolver that was custom-made for Bat Masterson, this was one of our best sellers, until the company that made them went out of business.  Due to many requests, it has been re-issued by a new manufacturer.  This handsome replica is nickel finish with black composite grips.

NEW! Buntline Special Cap Pistols
Buntline Special, black with wood grips
Buntline special, pewter finish, wood grips
Buntlne Special, brass and black, faux ivory grips
Buntline Special, Nickel with wood grips.

This legendary and iconic weapon was reportedly a gift to Wyatt Earp from author Ned Buntline. Our non-firing replica has working firing parts and fires caps--comes with 6 dummy shells and caps. Choose from 4 finishes.
 Double-Barreled Western Derringer,  engraved case, pearl-style butt
Double Barreled Derringer
#22-1262L. - Best-known and most popular of the Old West double-barreled derringers.  .

NEW! Cavalry Barrel Cap Pistols
1873 SAA Cavalry Revolver cap gun replica, grey, wood grips
1873 SAA Cavalry Cap Gun Revolver Replica, nickel and brass with wood grips
The 1873 .45 caliber, Single Action Army  "Cavalry" model revolver has the 7.5 inch barrel favored by cavalry troops for greater distance and accuracy. Available in three finishes with wood grips: black, nickel/brass and gunmetal grey.  Cylinder spins, hammer cocks and  pull the trigger for Old West shooting action. Fires standard pull-off ring or strip caps
1873 SAA Calvary cap gun revolver replica, grey, wood grips
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