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Schofield 1869 Revolvers
If you're just starting a collection, or looking to add to one, you can't find a better choice than this historic, ground-breaking Schofield 1869!  We offer our authentic replicas (non-firing) with fully functional mechanical parts in two finishes:  brass trim with black cylinder and barrel, or gleaming nickel finish--both with real wood grips. The M1869 was popular with the U.S. Cavalry, stagecoach agents, and Frank James. It was also a favorite of the Russian Czar for his troops. Wyatt Earp carried a similar version of this historic replica. Our replicas have the same 8" barrel and unique break-open action that made for quick and easy reloading of the M1869.
Smith and Wesson 1869, Blued Barrel and Cylinder, Brass Trim, Wood Grip
Beginning of a Revolution
#22-1008L - Blued Barrel & Cylinder, Brass Trim, Wood Grip
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Handgun technology took a quantam leap forward when the Schofield 1869 Model, also known as The American, debuted. The first revolver to use metal cartridges and a backloading cylinder, it had a hinged frame that opened to provide access to the back of the cylinder, and an ejection system for faster reloading of the new metallic cartridges.  Still engaged in the manufacture of cap and ball percussion pistols, the Colt factory was caught napping when this new technology burst onto the scene.  Colt had to scramble to catch up, and wouldn't be able to do so until 1873.


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1869 Schofield replica, nickel finish with wood grip
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#22-1008NQ - Nickel, Wood Grip

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