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Colonel Joe Shelby of Missouri became a brigadier general after leading his "iron Brigade" of Missouri volunteers on a great raid between September and November of 1863. They traveled over a thousand miles, inflicted a thousand casualties on Union forces and captured or destroyed about two million dollars worth of Union property and supplies.

He continued harrassing union forces in Arkansas and captured many union-held towns in Missouri during 1864.  Among his conquests in Arkansas was the capture and destruction of an armored Union ship, the U.S.S. Queen City.

Shelby was to be promoted to Major General in May, 1865. The promotion was never formally submitted, since Lee surrendered and the Confederate government fell shortly afterward.  Shelby, however, was never defeated and did not surrender.  Instead, he took his remaining troop of about a thousand men south into Mexico in June of 1865.  Their plan was to offer their services to the Emperor Maximillian.  Maximillian declined their offer, but did grant them land for an American colony near Vera Cruz.  The grant was short-lived.  It was revoked two years later, after Maximillian's empire was overthrown and its emperor executed.

Returning to Missouri in 1867, Shelby returned to farming.  He was appointed U.S. Marshall for the Western District of Missouri in 1893, a position he held until his death in 1897.
General Joe Shelby's Cavalry Saber
The Undefeated
Replica of General Joe Shelby's Confederate Officer's Sword
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#06-804 -- This authentic replica of General Joe Shelby's Confederate Officer's Saber has "C.S." cast into the brass handguard, and C.S.A. etched into the carbon
steel blade.  The black-
finished steel scabbard
is trimmed with
brass fittings.
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Authentic replica of the saber used  by the troops of J.E.B. Stewart, Wade Hampton and Nathan Bedford Forest. 34-inch blade, 40 inches overall.
Close-up Confederate cavalry sword replica with wire-wrapped leather hilt