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Fusil StG 44 (Sturmgewehr 44)
Alemani 1943 Assault Rifle
HISTORY: The Sturmgewehr 44 (MP44), introduced in 1942, was the world's first assualt rifle, and the forerunner of today's Ak-47-type weapons.  Sturmgewehr literally translates as "storm" or "assault". Developed in Nazi Germany, the StG 44 combined the characteristics of a carbine, a submachine gun, and an automatic rifle into one weapon.  It was the first weapon of its kind to be widely deployed in combat, and the English translation for the StG 44 -- "assault rifle" -- became the accepted term for infantry small arms from that time on. The StG 44 fired 500 to 600 RPM, from a magazine with a capacity of 30 rounds.  Though it came too late to have a significant impact on the outcome of the war, the StG 44 had a major impact on the development of modern small arms weaponry for infantry troops.
#22-1125 Non-firing Replica

World War I & II
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German StG 44 WWII assault rifle with wood stock
StG 44 German WWII assault rifle with sling
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* California and Kansas Residents: Your state' laws specify that replica guns can only be shipped to California or Kansas if they are part of a framed or boxed display. The lowest priced option we have to fit a rifle is our #27-503 display mounting board , which we offer at our cost, plus shipping for the added weight of the board, to comply with this law.
This excellent reproduction of the first modern military assault rifle has a full wood stock and foregrip, a removable clip and functional bolt and trigger mechanism. Available with or without the brown leather sling.