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Double-Barreled Old West Derringer
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Engraved and Plated Double-barreled Derringer in gold finish with pearl-like handle
#22-1262L Engraved and Plated, "Pearl"  Handled .41 Caliber Derringer
Over 150,00 of these Double-barrel Derringers were made between 1866  and 1935. It is possibly the best known Derringer-style pistol. The 69 years it remained on the market is a testimony to its exceptional popularity.  Ladies of the West could hide them in their purses.  Riverboat gamblers could conceal them for instant access in case of trouble at the tables.  Any individual in need of security could carry the little gun unnoticed, since it was small enough to be concealed in the palm of your hand.  Many variations in finish and decoration were made.  Our .41 caliber, two-shot, single action replica has simulated pearl grips, an engraved, antique brass finish and working mechanical parts, including the swing-down barrel for easy loading.

Original double-barrel derringers can sell for $3500 to $4500 or more, depending on decoration and condition.  Here's your chance to own a colorful piece of Old West history, with our working (non-firing) replica for a fraction of that! 
The Gambler's "Ace in the Hole"
Replica Old West
Reproduced from originals in museums and private collections.

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#27-123 - Doc Holliday Gambler Boxed Set
Gambler Doc Holliday Boxed Set with1866 2-barrel derringer and deck of Old West pharo cards,
Doc Holliday was one of the Old West's most notorious gamblers and card sharks. Our exclusive boxed set features our non-firing replica 1866 double barrel derringer described above, with a complete deck of Old West Faro cards, a $100 poker chip with Doc Holliday's photo on the face, and a 4 card "royal" flush inside the lid--all displayed in a handsome wooden box, 7.5" x 4.75" x 2".