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Vintage Metal Toy Models
from World War I & II
These quality models and vintage metal toys based on classic World War tanks and military vehicles are sure to delight the World War II collector, history buff or toy collector!

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Vintage World War Tin Toy Replicas
Pick up one of these classic tin toys from yesteryear, and you'll find yourself wanting to make engine sounds like an 8-year-old!  Each one has been lovingly hand-made and hand-painted, with that classic, rough vintage toy look and feel you'll remember from your childhood.  Although they're called "toys", they should really be used for display only.

German Sturmgeschutz Assault Gun Model
German WWII Sturmgeschutz
Assault Gun
The Sturmgeschutz III (StuG III) assault gun was Germany’s most pro-duced armored fighting vehicle during WWII.. It was built on the chassis of the proven Panzer III tank. Initially intended as a mobile, armored light gun for infantry support, the StuG was continually modified and was widely em-ployed as a tank de-stroyer.  The low silhouette combined simple production requirements and low cost to make this vehicle a valuable asset on the battle-field. Our highly detailed, all metal model is armed with the long barreled 75mm gun. Hand assembled to match the same rustic, old toy feel of our popular metal airplanes. Static wheels. 10.75" long  x 6" tall x 4" wide.  Only a few of these remain, and when they are gone, they are gone forever!
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Item #802154

WWI US Medical Service Vehicle

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German U-Boat - WWII U-99 Model
This highly-detailed model of a German U-boat is not based on any specific U-Boat design, but it accurately represents the "Grey Wolves" that prowled the North Atlantic during WWII, and the brave crewmen who served in the craft aptly described as "iron coffins".
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Item #802373

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German Uboat Model
WWI US Medical Services Vehicle model, back view.
WWI US Medical Service Vehice, metal model, side view
Item #803941
WWI US Medical Services vehicle metal model, front view
This WWI US Medical Service Vehicle was used extensively by the American Red Cross and military medical corps for transporting patients and supplies. Full metal replica, in the style of tin toys so popular during the WWI era.  Ours is hand-painted for a richly vintage look.  12-1/2 inches long, 8 inches tall.
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