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1853 British Enfield 3-Band
Replica Musket
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The British 1853 musket was the second most widely used infantry weapon in the American Civil War. Both Union and Confederate troops used the Enfield musket throughout the war.  Almost one million were shipped to the combatants from several British manufacturers, and the Enfields were widely regarded as well-made and very accurate. The .577 caliber of the gun allowed the use of ammunition made for the .58 caliber American-made arms that were standard for both armies. The 1853 pattern Enfield continued to be standard issue for the British military until 1867.

Great choice for a collector of either classic British or antique American arms! 34-5/8" Barrel, 54-3/4" overall length.
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#22-1067 1853 Civil War Musket (non-firing Replica)
Closeup of 1853 Enfield 3-band musket firing mechanism
Closeup of mechanism of 1853 British Enfield Musket