Authentic, Non-Firing Replicas of Classic Old West Revolvers

Colt Army Ivory-Handled Revolver Replica
1873 Engraved Army Revolver
1873 Lone Star .45 'Six Shooter'
1886 Colt Lone Star Texas Ranger Commemorative Revolver Replica
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1886 Colt Army Revolver, 5
1873 SAA 'Fast Draw' Revolver Replica
1873 Colt Cavalry Revolver, 7-inch barrel, pewter finish, wood grip

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 Double-Barreled Western Derringer, gold-plated engraved case, pearl-style butt
Double Barreled
Best-known and most popular of the double-barreled derringers.  .

1866 Derringer Replica
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Old West Pistol Replicas

1873 Western Single Action Army Revolver, nickel finish with wood grip
Smith & Wesson Schofield 1869 Replica Revolver, Nickel, Wood Grip
Smith & Wesson Schofield 1869 Revolver, Brass & Black, Wood Grip
Schofield 1869 Revolvers
22-1008L Brass & Black/Wood Grip:
22-1008N Nickel/Wood Grip:
A revolutionary improvement in handgun technology, this 1869 Schofield was the first revolver to use the back-loading cylinder and metal cartridges. Choose from brass & black or nickel with wood grip.

Mexican-style fast draw holster as used by John Wayne in several movies, brown leather
#04-260, This single-loop, Mexican-style fast draw holster was a favorite of John Wayne, and he used it in many of his movies. Two sizes--to fit 4.75" barrel and 7.5" barrel revolvers.  Sturdy brown leather.
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#04-200M, Single tooled fast-draw holster and belt of embossed black leather. Fits most wes-tern- style revolvers. Sizes: Med. (32"-36" waist), large (36"-40" waist) and extra-large (40-44 waist).
Tooled black leather fast draw single holster and gunbelt with cartridge loops
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We also have a blank-firing version of the Nickel SAA model

1873 Single Action Army fast draw revolver, 5 inch barrel, antique gunmetal gray finish with wood grip
Nickel, Wood Grips, "fast draw" (4-3/4") barrel. #22-1186N.

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1873 SAA Frontier-style replica revolver, nickel and brass dual finish with simulated checkered ivory grip
1873 SAA 'Frontier' Revolver Replica
Nickel/Brass Dual Finish, Simulated Ivory Grips, "Frontier" (5-1/2") barrel. #22-1108L.
1873 SAA Cavalry style revolver replica, black with brass trim and black American Eagle grips.

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1873 SAA with simulated gold-plate engraving, wood grips and 4.75 inch fast-draw style barrel.
1873 SAA Engraved .45
Gold-finish engraved, Wood Grips
'Fast-Draw' (4-3/4-inch) barrel
Gold-finish engraved, Simulated Ivory Grips, Cavalry (7-1/2 inch) barrel
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1873 SAA, black, simulated ivory grips
John Wayne Licensed Collectibles
John Wayne SAA 6-Shooter in Holster framed set, light wood frame
John Wayne Six Shooter in barnwood frame
John Wayne six shooter in holster framed set, dark wood frame
NEW! Old West Six-Shooter Cap Guns
SAA cap-fire 6-shooter, black with wood grips
John Wayne cap-fire 6-shooter, grey, simulated ivory grip
1873 SAA cap gun replica, grey finish with wood grips.
Close-up of dummy loading cartridge with caps.
Quality Wood and metal replicas with the weight and size of the real thing, made by the superb craftsmen at Kolser in Spain.  These replicas use standard "pull-off" ring caps (not included)  that load on six dummy loading cartridges (included). Load the dummy cartridges in the chambers for authentic "six-shooter" action.  Excellent prop gun for theatrical or reenactment performers.

1873 SAA Fast Draw, polished nickel with wood grips
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Black, wood grips, fast draw (4-3/4") barrel. #22-1186B.
1873 SAA 'Fast Draw'
Revolver Replica
Grey, Wood "Lone Star" Grips grips, fast draw (4-3/4") barrel. #22-1038.
1873 SAA 'Fast Draw' Revolver Replica
Grey, Wood Grips, "fast draw" (4-3/4") barrel. #22-1186G.
1873 'Cavalry Style'
1873 'Cavalry Style'
Black/Brass, Black Grips. "Cavalry" (7-1/2") barrel.
Black, simulated ivory grips. "Cavalry" (7-1/2") barrel.  #22-110BL.
1873 'Cavalry Style'
Antiqued grey, wood grips. "Cavalry" (7-1/2") barrel.  #22-1191B.
1873 SAA "Fast Draw"
Polished nickel, engraved frame and cylinder. "Fast Draw" (4-3/4") barrel.  #22-1504.
John Wayne Red River holster
John Wayne Red River belt
John Wayne "Red River"
Holster and Belt
Colt 1873 Cavalry Revolver, Nickel with wood grip
1873 Cavalry Revolver
Nickel, wood grips. "Cavalry" (7-1/2") barrel.  #22-1191N.
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