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Authentic Replica Gun Classics - Non-Firing and  Blank-Firing
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Cap-Firing Replica Pistols
Italian Percussion Cap-fire Dueling Pistol replica
Quality wood and metal replica of a Brescia dueling pistol with antique silver barrel, lock, lock plate and butt cap.  Uses pull-off ring or strip caps.
English Percussion
Cap-Firing Dueling Pistol
Produced from an historic 1807 original with the first commercially produced percussion lock, this elegant cap pistol uses pull-off ring or strip caps.
John Wilkes Boothe cap-firing derringer
John Wilkes Boothe
Cap-Firing Derringer
The Baby Philadelphia Percussion Pistol used by John Wilkes Boothe in 1865 to assassinate President Lincoln was very similar to this historically authentic replica, which is also a cap gun using pull-off ring or strip caps.
SAA cap-fire 6-shooter, black with wood grips
John Wayne cap-fire 6-shooter, grey, simulated ivory grip
M1873 SAA "Six-Shooter" Cap Pistol
Quality wood and metal replica looks and feels like the real thing!  Uses pull-off ring caps that fit on the included 6 dummy loading cartridges. (Caps not included)
"The Duke" Six-Shooter Cap Gun
This licensed John Wayne collectible is an authentic reproduction of the Duke's favorite six-shooter, configured to fire pull-off ring caps on six dummy loading cartridges.
1873 SAA cap gun replica, grey finish with wood grips.
M1873 SAA "Six-Shooter"
Cap Pistol
, grey finish
Quality wood and metal replica looks and feels like the real thing!  Uses pull-off ring caps.
1825 Italian Percussion
Cap-Firing Dueling Pistol
Ring caps for cap pistol replicas.
Ring Caps for Cap-Gun Replicas
Manufactured in Spain to work best with our Gonher cap pistol replicas. Loudness similar to a hand-clap. 12-pack of 8-shot rings. #46-9608.
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